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Cyber Vidyalaya is promoted by Cyber Law College as a means of extending the benefits of Internet to the School Students. Naavi the promoter of Cyber Law College has also been a consultant to one of the prestigious International Schools in Bangalore where he worked on how a school could enable "Safe Browsing" for the children. His efforts on protecting Children from the ills of Internet is also well documented in other areas.

Cyber Law Guru is a concept born out of the activities of Cyber Law College where answers are being provided to any questions that may arise in the minds of Netizens. This is a question bank which will be built over a time based on questions received from public. Queries are being received by e-mail and answers are being provided on this website.

The Cyber Vidyalaya concept extends the efforts of Naavi from focusing only on Safe browsing to beneficial use of Internet. It will focus on bringing technologies that help in collaboration of Children and Teachers to develop a new educational system in the country where the Internet plays a good role.

In a country where resources are scattered and skewed, does not reach all the needy, there is a potential in Internet to reduce the resource gap in education particularly at the primary and secondary education levels.

The objective is "If we cannot take a good teacher to every needy student, let us at least transport him/her virtually to every needy school". After all it should be easier to find a set of  Internet connected computers established at every school rather than find teachers for every school particularly in remote villages.

In pursuance of this objective, it is intended that a platform is created for developing "Mentors" in different subjects and for different levels in different physical locations. The mentors will interact amongst themselves and with the students and actively participate in the education process. A system is being developed to reward rewarded them financially with a part of the revenue generated by the system so that they become stakeholders in the project. The first such mentor platform is being planned for "Cyber Laws".

As a part of the initiative of Cyber Vidyalaya, a project is being undertaken under the name "Cyber Vidya" first on a pilot basis at Bangalore and later to be extended across Karnataka and may be across India.

Cyber Vidya is a multi purpose project aimed for implementation in Schools for the purpose of

a) Providing a Secure Browsing option at Schools

b) Monitoring and Efficiently managing the use of Computers at Schools

c) Providing academic back up in the form of innovative content formats

d) Providing shared learning for bridging the educational gap at schools

e) Provide for continuous evaluation of the student's academic progress in a non examination environment.

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The Pilot project of Cyber Vidya would be implemented under the supervision of Ujvala Consultants Pvt Ltd


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